A Letter To My Readers: MLB DFS Content Moving To Daily Fantasy Insider

Double Up Sports readers and subscribers,

It is with both excitement and regret that I have decided to move my MLB DFS advice from Double Up Sports to my new position at Daily Fantasy Insider. I have been hired on as a MLB analyst/writer at DFI (@dfinsider) and will now use their proprietary tools, research strategies, exclusive articles and chat rooms to both generate and distribute my DFS advice throughout the MLB season. The shift to DFI will result in the MLB DFS section being completely removed from Double Up Sports.

That said, Double Up Sports will continue in its MLB coverage by providing daily picks, season-long MLB fantasy advice as well as timely articles of interest throughout the season. I value every single one of my readers and it is my hope that you continue to utilize the site as your betting, fantasy and timely MLB articles source.

Most importantly, I want you to make this move with me! Daily Fantasy Insider is an industry-leading Daily Fantasy Sports outfit that boasts some of the best and most efficient research strategies and communication channels with its users. DFI Co-Founder and CEO Justin MacMahan (@JustinMacMahan) has had immense success in his DFS career, specifically in MLB which is why I have accepted this unique opportunity to work alongside Justin and the great MLB team at DFI in order to take the next step in my DFS industry journey. I highly recommend purchasing the MLB Season Pass for $99 which includes exclusive access to the DFI chat room where the DFI community discusses top picks, advice and lineup construction with input from DFI Insiders like myself. You also benefit from exclusive articles on potential stacks, Must-Haves or value plays that are not distributed to anyone else other than a MLB Season Pass subscriber. A glance at the DFI Twitter feed will show you how this access has helped countless subscribers profit from one of the top DFS companies in the industry. Also recommended is a one-time purchase of the MLB Strategy Guide which is a 100% proprietary MLB research strategy that outlines, step-by-step, an industry-leading research process for those that are serious about profiting from MLB DFS. This guide simply blew me away with unique ideas and processes that can help separate the DFI user the rest of the amateur MLB DFS community. The MLB Season Pass and MLB Strategy Guide are available for purchase at www.dfiuniversity.com.

One final thought. The above recommendations are not a money-grab for me. While I will be a compensated member of the DFI MLB team, my reason in suggesting a partnered move to DFI is simply to profit from MLB DFS, which is clearly the end goal. DFI is unequivocally a leader in the MLB DFS industry and their tools, research strategies and top-notch ability to communicate these processes, picks and research to the users via the exclusive chat room are simply unmatched. At a cost of $99 for 6+ months of advice, you have a chance to earn more money than you had ever imagined using DFI as your main MLB DFS resource.

Thank you for your MLB loyalty since I launched Double Up Sports late in the 2016 MLB season, and I sincerely hope you continue to visit the site while considering making this move with me to continue our relationship in the DFS circle.


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