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Daily Fantasy Sports is a booming industry with millions of dollars and countless prizes being dished out every single night of the year.  What makes DFS so great is the ongoing availability to put your expertise and knowledge to the test with dozens of contests taking place each and every day for a variety of different sports.   Whether you are a fan of the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, soccer, golf, Nascar, or MMA, DFS is a great way to turn up the excitement and entertainment to new levels!

With that being said, a main goal of mine here at Double Up Sports is to provide daily advice and lineup suggestions for the NFL, MLB, and NHL to help YOU become a DFS champion.  A great deal of research and due diligence is required to become successful in this large and competitive industry, but the good news is: I have you covered!  I am tirelessly researching and learning which helps me accomplish my DFS goals, so allow me to do this for you!  Check in daily to see my lineup suggestions, results, player news & notes, and more!

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How to Win at Daily Fantasy sports

While there is certainly no quick and easy way to become a DFS winner, there are a variety of things you can do increase your chances and get an edge on the competition.  Below are my top tips to help you start winning some big time cash in DFS.

#1: Exhaust Your Resources

In other words, gather as much data as you can.  There is a wealth of readily available data and information when it comes to DFS that you cannot afford to pass up on.  Your competition is large, growing, and is doing their homework to the point where they leave you with very little chance of success if you are not doing thorough research.  This means for football, make sure you know depth charts, injuries, trends, weather etc.  For baseball, take advantage of batter vs. pitcher stats, home/away splits, slumps, and more.  Much of the same applies for hockey as injuries, line combinations, and hot streaks need to be closely monitored before submitting a lineup.  Information overload is a real thing, so if you become overwhelmed with information and stats, tone it back and make sure you are comfortable with the amount of information you took in.  Again, there are mass amounts of readily available information out there and absolutely zero excuse for not utilizing this and giving yourself the best chance possible for success.

#2: Remove All Emotions

Don’t continually draft your favorite players or players that play for your favorite team.  That’s not to say you can never do this, however make sure that your research supports such a selection.  Removing bias and anything else that can cloud your thinking is a necessary task if you want to enjoy any DFS success.

#3: Familiarize Yourself With Your DFS Site

While it may seem like an obvious statement, make sure that you know the ins and outs of your DFS site.  Whether it be DraftKings, Fanduel or any other site, make sure you know how the contests work and understand their details, understand the scoring system, take advantage of of free contests, and more.  You will find the more comfortable you become with the site of your choice the more confident you will feel going through your lineups.

Have any tips or advice of your own?  Feel free to speak up in the comments section below or give me a shout directly in the following form.

Good luck!