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Double Up Sports was founded in 2016 by myself, Kemper, with two main objectives in mind:

1) To help win YOU money!   Whether you are here to follow my free daily picks, my weekly and daily DFS lineups, or my fantasy sports expertise, there is nothing that is going to bring me more satisfaction than helping you take home some winnings and building up that bankroll!  I am fresh off of two fantasy sports championships in 2016 (MLB & NHL) and have enjoyed success in the DFS and online betting space as well to the point where I felt the need to share my knowledge with the rest of the sports world.  If you are like me, you are constantly looking for that edge that we all desire to enjoy success in all of these fields, and I plan to be that edge for you.  This isn’t just my job, it’s my passion!

2) To provide superior sports coverage THAT MATTERS.  I emphasize those last two words for a reason.  I have been a daily follower of media coverage of all sports since I can remember, however unfortunately the tune of this coverage has changed dramatically in recent years.  The biggest and boldest news headlines often cover topics that relate to Twitter posts, athlete feuds, hearsay, and “he said, she said”.  You are not going to find topics like these covered here.  My sports coverage isn’t going to resemble that of mainstream media as I personally cannot swallow most of the material published in this day and age.  Let’s get back to covering sports the proper way with topics and issues as it pertains the sports themselves, not the social media behavior of popular figures.  Breaking news, transactions, contracts, injuries, and general news & notes from around the NFL, MLB, and NHL is what you are going to see at Double Up Sports.  No nonsense.  Just sports coverage that matters.

That being said, another goal of mine is to build a close relationship with my loyal readers.  I am a very personable guy and I want to make sure my readers are comfortable in reaching out to me with any questions, comments, or suggestions as it relates to what you see here at Double Up Sports.  Whether it be comments on my FREE daily picks, DFS lineups, fantasy advice, or sports coverage, I want to hear from you!  I have installed contact forms and comment sections across most of the website so please don’t hesitate to make use of them!  The more I hear from you the better I can be at providing you quality and profitable sports coverage!  Also make sure to use the Twitter button at the end of each post to share this valuable information with friends!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!